Designing Your Frugal Wedding

Most people agree that the price of weddings has gotten completely out of hand. The price average price of a wedding in the United States is over $30,000.00. The truth is, there were a few extravagant weddings in that average that spiked the number. But even removing those, the average wedding still holds at around $15,000.00.

There are ways you can personalize your wedding and save a lot of money without sacrificing charm. We will share some ideas with you that will allow you to design a frugal but lovely wedding, unlike anyone else’s.

Saving money on the venue and the decorations

  • Ask the ladies

If you are getting married in your own church, ask the ladies auxiliary about decorations. Churches usually have an attic full of lovely flower bouquets, wreaths, candle holders, bows, and much more. Churches decorate for holidays. They change decorations for spring and autumn. Often they will even have wedding decorations that a bride no longer wanted and donated to the church.

  • Volunteer work for a great venue?

Check out local parks. A park with a gazebo or a pond is a great place for a wedding. Some of them will charge a small fee, others will allow you to use the facility in exchange for cleaning the park, or doing other forms of service.


  • Check with former brides

Chances are you have some friends who have been married recently. Those friends probably have a ton of wedding decorations and props boxed up with no idea what they will do with them. Borrow them or buy them at a reduced price.


Save on flowers

There is no reason to spend a huge chunk of your wedding budget on flowers that the bridesmaids will use for a few hours. Here are some ideas that will change reduce that expense:

  • Have the bridesmaids come to a flower making party. There are beautiful flowers that you can make. YouTube has step-by-step instructions. They are very pretty, the bridesmaids can keep them forever, and they are fun and easy to make.
  • If you are having a winter wedding, consider muffs. They are inexpensive and are very pretty.
  • For spring weddings, have them carry pinwheels. Decorate them with strings of ribbon. The breeze will blow them as they walk down the aisle and it is very cute. It adds a pop of color to their ensemble.
  • Photo credit: summer weddings, have them carry lightweight parasols. This makes for a great photo and the parasol will keep the sun off of them. 
  • Share the expense

    The easiest way to have the wedding of your dreams within the budget of your dreams is to share the expense. Set up your wedding registry with items or dollars needed to buy items for the entire wedding party. Use a site like Honeyfund that is free for you and your guests. List the prices for the venue, food, and music. Also, list the price for bridesmaids accessories (like the parasols). This really is saying, if we all chip in, we all benefit.

    Save on food and drinks by having a late morning/early afternoon wedding

    If you have your wedding after the breakfast hour but before the lunch hour, you can omit the huge food fest. Set up a candy buffet, cookie buffet, or donut buffet. Serve coffee, tea, and punch. No one will expect alcohol at that time of the day. The refreshments are portable and guests can take them with them.

    Green wedding favors

    Small flower pots, potting soil, and seeds are all you need to grow an herb garden. Attaching a toothpick flag with Mr.& Mrs. and the date makes these cute plants a perfect wedding favor. It is personal and trendy.

    Use your imagination to make your wedding special and charming, without breaking the bank.