Updated 1/11/2021  Continued same policy as below.   If these safety protocols will affect your upcoming scheduled event at LFM, we will notify you and provide you with additional guidelines and an additional addendum to sign to move forward with your event 

Updated 11/12/20

Our private events should check out our current county mandates. Please contact us with any concerns.  We’ll contact you if there are issues surrounding your event.

Click on this linK:   Face Masks and Social Distancing

UPDATED 7/8/20

Since we currently don’t know what the guidelines or mandates will be on events upcoming, we are monitoring the situation closely and will notify clients regarding their events as we get closer and can make changes as needed. Currently, we are moving forward with events as planned.

Life’s Finer Moments has implemented additional safety measures and has been working on how we can modify our current events in regards to safety protocols, social distancing, and more internal precautions and guidelines based on the CDC’s and Clay County regulations for us to move forward with scheduled events. If these safety protocols will affect your upcoming scheduled event at LFM, we will notify you and provide you with additional guidelines and an additional addendum to sign to move forward with your event (but as previously stated, for now we’re moving forward with events as planned, so your guest count, ceremony and reception seating, aren’t currently affected.)

Should the current recommendations be changed or lifted, we will also notify you to either lift these limitations on your event or make further changes as needed.”

UPDATED 5/04/20

When does the Reopening Plan go into effect? 
• The Framework will reopen the Kansas economy in Phases. Throughout each Phase the Governor will
continue evaluating the state’s progress and, if appropriate, issue a new executive order moving the
statewide baseline to a new Phase. Phase One will begin May 4th. Phase Two will occur no sooner than
May 18, 2020. Phase Three will occur no sooner than June 1, 2020. A Phase Out will occur no sooner than
June 15, 2020. Once the state is in “Phase Out,” the Governor will issue additional guidelines to explain the
health metrics that will trigger an elimination of all statewide restrictions.
Where can I find a copy of the Reopening Plan?
• “Ad Astra: A Plan to Reopen Kansas” can be found here: https://covid.ks.gov/
• Visual .pdf here: https://covid.ks.gov/wp-content/uploads/2020/04/Reopen-Kansas-Exec-Summary043020.1.pdf

Are wedding receptions permitted in Phase One?
• This depends on two factors: the venue in which the wedding reception is held AND the ability of that
reception to adhere to social distancing and mass gathering guidelines. For example, if a reception is held at
a large venue or a community center, it would not be allowed because those facilities are not allowed in
Phase One. Similarly, if a wedding reception cannot avoid instances in which groups of 10 or more
individuals are gathered together within 6-feet, it cannot occur. In other words, if a reception cannot
maintain social distancing guidelines, it cannot occur.
• Subject to further restriction at local levels

Is LFM open?  Yes, even though most of our customers have postponed until mid-June (phase 3) or much later.

Absolutely YES if your party can utilize outdoors if party is more than 30 people.  Remember we have 40 acres you may utilize.

All businesses not listed in the Governor’s Phase One “DO NOT OPEN” list may open if they can follow these business

Businesses may open if “They can maintain at least 6 feet of distance between consumers (individuals or groups). Restaurants
or dining establishments may meet this requirement by using physical barriers sufficient to prevent
virus spread between seated customers or groups of seated customers.
o AND fundamental cleaning and public health practices are followed. LFM PRACTICES THESE GUIDELINES IN OUR EVENT VENUE AND IN OUR CABINS. Businesses should follow industry-specific guidelines as provided on covid.ks.gov. Any additional best practices guidance
from each business sector is strongly encouraged. 
o AND businesses must avoid any instances in which groups of more than 10 individuals are in one
location and are unable to consistently maintain 6 feet of distance with only infrequent or incidental
moments of closer proximity. This does not limit the total occupancy of a business, but requires that
businesses limit areas and instances in which consistent physical distancing cannot be maintained,
such as tables, entrances, lobbies, break rooms, check-out areas, etc.

UPDATED 4/17/20

Gov. Kelly announced her statewide stay-at-home order for Kansas will remain in effect until May 3 and suggested a slow, cautious transition must follow.

Effective 3/17/2020: Executive order by KS Governor Kelley: all public or private mass gatherings, as defined below, are prohibited in the State of Kansas.
The phrase “mass gathering” as used in this order means any planned or spontaneous, public or private event or convening that will bring together or is likely to bring together 50 or more people in a confined or enclosed space at the same time.

  • All public gatherings that bring together or are likely to bring together 50 or fewer people in a single room or confined or enclosed space at the same time should:
  • Preserve social distancing of 6 feet between people, and
  • Follow all other public health recommendations issued by the Kansas Department of Health and Environment and all local county and municipal health codes.

To mitigate situations which may introduce, expose or spread COVID-19, we prefer communication to be handled virtually whenever possible.

Q: What if I already have an event scheduled at LFM?
We encourage you to postpone, not cancel.
We’ve already contacted those with events from now through June 15. Those who have events past 6/15/20, please know that we are happy to continue forward as usual and are committed to providing services for you and your event. However, if you do feel you need to reschedule (due to governmental or personal health restrictions and concerns that may change before that time) we are also more than happy to honor our contract and make specific rescheduling accommodations that will ensure you can confidently move forward with your decision.

Our postponement policy is that we can reschedule one time with you (for no fee) to an available date in 2020. If you need to postpone or rearrange a second time, an administration fee will incur. For dates postponed into 2021, we’ll need to discuss your event under different rates. Our live website calendar shows all available dates.

Q: What if I want to tour in planning for a future event?
1st choice: We encourage you to communicate with us for a Zoom session and we can give you a personalized video tour.
2nd choice: We are open for business by appointment! Others have recently toured and booked their events for later dates in 2020 and we are currently booking weddings and other events for 2021 as well! We’ll meet you with sanitizer at the door and allow you to use it throughout the tour if desired. You may bring and wear a mask, and we strongly adhere to the 6’ social distancing rule with no adverse effect upon your experience.

Q: What if I want to stay in one of the cabins?
You are encouraged to come enjoy the 40 acres of fresh air and practice self-isolation in your very own cabin! We have taken precautions for extra sanitizing in our regular thorough cleaning practices. Due to the extra cleaning and disinfecting efforts and time involved on our part, it is strongly encouraged for you to stay a minimum of 2 nights. Call us for dates or check out our website calendar for cabin availability.

We understand this is a stressful time for all. We hope the steps we are taking can add peace of mind to your event planning and overnight accommodation needs.

Thinking of you during this difficult time,
The Staff at Life’s Finer Moments