Life’s Finer Moments was the perfect barn to rent for this fraternity’s best Barn Party ever!  Our wood laminate floor proved optimum for boot-stomping moves.  The KSU Farm House fraternity has used our facility several times in the last few years. This group brings in their own cookies, tea, lemonade, or bottled water, to keep it simple.  Our large kitchen allows dispersing snacks as needed from a large serving counter.  Thankfully, the coffee bar allows for 4-5 different drink dispensers along with cups, and we have an old-fashioned washtub often loaded with ice for your cold bottles or cans.  With our ice machine, they don’t even have to bring the ice!

These men love to serve as their own DJs at their Barn Parties.  Works great for us!  Our cordless microphone and the easy-to-use sound system allowed them to plan their play-list and plug into our system to play for no extra cost.  For instance, different hosts or one designated “DJ” announces if it’s photo time, or to grab your partner for a swing dance.  EVERYONE fit in the photo when the photographer stood in the loft. 

Additionally, ample parking was reassuring for this large group of KSU students and their dates. Some of the couples ate at our local restaurants before the 5-minute drive on out to the lodge.  Lots of restroom stalls and mirror space for the ladies was a comment several women made.  Further, the loft is always popular for barn party dancers who want to get off their feet and sit on one of the eight couches.  Still, others, like to take advantage of the patio and sidewalks to cool off. One year, a handful from KSU Farm House brought cards and played poker instead of dancing the entire time!  Pretzels, Cheese balls, or M&M’s serve well for poker chips!